A brand created by women … for women

Throughout history, women seem to have constantly attempted to erase stereotypes, both their roles and rights suffering numerous transformations until the present day, when we can firmly state they have demonstrated that they can do whatever they put their minds to, in any field of action. Entrepreneurs, doctors, astronauts, sportswomen, artists, mothers – regardless of how they choose to define themselves, women inspire impressive creations and represent role-models for the ones following their footsteps.

Girls Own Cosmetics has its identity strongly rooted in the concept of fearless women, who are aware of their strengths and know they can have the world at their feet. Our efforts are concentrated in offering them the necessary tools to enhance their natural beauty, by introducing not only innovative formulas, but truly efficient ones.

We believe in the power of nature, but also in scientifically proven active elements, strong research and attentive selection of ingredients being crucial in our product development stage. Let’s say our formulas represent an “equation” in which nature and science cooperate to give birth to the perfect result for every purpose we want to achieve. We wish to create a different and unique experience when using our products, which is why each of them is created so it will become a favourite from the first application. We are positive it will pass the test of time for every woman who discovers it.

When an artist is the mind
behind a beauty-dedicated brand

Lora: “My passion for cosmetics and skin care was born when I was just a child. With my mother being a pharmacist. I learned how to successfully combine different ingredients and I was always fascinated by the knowledge required in this industry. With my mother’s help, I grew up discovering the little secrets of nature and science and I came to find that every problem has a solution. Maybe without even being conscious about it, the admiration for what came out of her hands represented the start of a challenge I gave to myself later in life: to have my own skin care brand. Being an artist constantly places you in the attention of the public. Combine that with the simple fact of being a woman and it made me develop a high interest for having a correct skin care routine.

With time, I realised the only way I could find the perfect product would be for me to create it myself. So the first product was born – a hydrating day cream for which I chose ingredients I believe in and that is because time and experience have proven they are truly magical. I wished I could use my knowledge to the benefit of all women, a desire rooted in the love for beauty and femininity, and now I can do that. Strong women empower each-other! That is why Go Beautiful is both my incentive to all women to embrace and highlight their natural beauty and also the tool to do so. Moreover, it represents the first step on a long road I will take on this course.”

Girls Own Cosmetics focuses on
careful selection of ingredients

Because safety is one of the most important issues when it comes to skin care, Girls Own Cosmetics products are formulated without silicone, parabens, mineral oils, ethanolamine or phthalates. Every recipe is developed by our team of professionals, both chemists and researchers and it is dermatologically tested. Also, our products are cruelty free.

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